OMI® Plastic Products Line


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Our mission is to convince every customer to our products. They have been used in many industries for over 25 years. Regardless of the industry you represent, we will make every effort to ensure that our product works well in your application. Share your needs with us and we will find a tailor-made, individual solution for you.



OMI is the DRP Group’s proprietary brand of products based on a proprietary name. Developed by a team of experienced engineers and constantly expanded with new items. Until now, it has found a wide range of applications in many industries of plastics processing. The trust placed in it by customers from the automotive, household appliances, electrical, construction and furniture sectors confirms their high quality.



Consistently expanded, it finds more and more application, enjoying the recognition of new customers. The additional fact that it is available in two variants – the Premium version and the ECO version makes it particularly unique and recommended.
For this reason, it can satisfy both customers looking for the highest quality, those expecting a favorable price-quality ratio and also those looking for special certificates of origin.

The OMI® group includes such types of plastics as:


Polypropylene PP

About Myself: I am one of the most widely used plastics in the world. The universal properties that I offer mean that the products based on me are widely used in many areas of life. However, I can take on a unique character through a specialized modification.
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Styrene polymers

About Myself: They say that I am irreplaceable where appropriate aesthetics of finish and surface quality are required. Yes, that is one of my advantages. I admit that I do not like moisture, light and ultraviolet radiation. But we can deal with it together.
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Polyamide PA6

About Myself: If I had to say something about myself, I am simply unlimited. Unlimited in the multitude of its applications and modification possibilities. I am – like no one else – so much “constructional”. This is why it is so difficult to list all my target applications.
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Poliamid PA66

O Sobie Samym: W odróżnieniu od pozostałych poliamidów nie boję się ekstremalnych temperatur i zmęczenia. Moja mała chłonność wilgoci i stabilność wymiarowa to kolejne moje atuty. Z reguły jestem pilnie poszukiwany przez producentów elementów pracujących pod dużym obciążeniem i w wymagających warunkach. W wolnych chwilach lubię uprawiać sport. Zarówno ten amatorski jak i wyczynowy. Zaufaj!


PC Polycarbonate

About Myself: I have in me what others do not have. I am a unique hybrid that has high impact strength, good chemical resistance and excellent optical properties in its nature. And although I do not like moisture very much, I have another unique feature – I am non-flammable by nature. Or, as others say, I have increased flame and temperature resistance. I also like to mix with others.
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Poliestry PBT

O Sobie Samym: Bardzo dobra odporność na pełzanie, również w wyższych temperaturach wyróżnia mnie z całej grupy tworzyw konstrukcyjnych. I choć nie lubię gorących kąpieli i stężonych chemikaliów to moja duża stabilność wymiarowa oraz odporność na korozję umożliwia wyjątkową w swej formie współpracę ze mną. Moim głównym miejscem aktywności jest elektrotechnika.


Polyxymethylene POM

About Myself: I am hard, stiff and abrasion resistant. For this I have a unique love of sliding. And although I am extremely sensitive to temperature and ultraviolet, what more could you ask for when looking for the right material for gears, guide rollers, clasps, clasps, handles and handles? In principle, it does not absorb moisture, stabilizing the mechanical properties of the product in an appropriate manner. Plus I’m not afraid of fuels and other chemicals.


Polymer blends

About Myself: This is a place for unique expectations. In this group, customers can find materials with unique properties that combine the properties of various polymers. This is the moment to eliminate nature’s defects.
Strength of Synergy!