DRP Group Team

Presented our qualified employees

Committed, ambitious and qualified employees make us the preferred partner for our contractors. We strengthen the position of our clients by sharing knowledge and best practices, exchanging opinions and raising environmental awareness.


As a family business, we think, act and plan for the long term. Everyone in the company must accept this goal. This makes us compatible.


Our teamwork in an environment of mutual trust. This philosophy is extended to both our customers and suppliers. Organizational culture plays an important role in our company. This makes us credible.


Our company welcomes changes and follows the path of continuous improvement. We remain faithful to our values, ethics and corporate social responsibility. This makes us professionals.

Our Team

Przemysław Miśkiewicz


tel: +48 501 313 889
e-mail: p.miskiewicz@drp.pl

Tomasz Pyrek

Sales Manager, Chief technologist

tel: +48 504 134 083
e-mail: t.pyrek@drp.pl

Anna Dul

Purchasing Specialist

tel: +48 500 127 984
e-mail: a.dul@drp.pl


Management Representativeof IMS

tel: +48 505 266 735
e-mail: r.pyrek@drp.pl

Monika Latos

Logistics and Environmental Protection Specialist

tel: +48 32 261 31 90
e-mail: m.latos@drp.pl

Sebastian Lipowicz

Maintenance Manager

tel: +48 505 068 577
e-mail: s.lipowicz@drp.pl


HR and Accounting Specialist

tel: +48 32 261 31 90
e-mail: a.motyl@drp.pl

Marta Banaś

Marketing Specialist

tel: +48 32 261 31 90 ext. 7
e-mail: m.banas@drp.pl

Magdalena Łuckoś

Laboratory Analyst

tel: +48 32 261 31 90 ext. 2
e-mail: m.luckos@drp.pl

Kinga Czyrwik

Laboratory Analyst

tel: +48 32 261 31 90 ext. 2
e-mail: k.czyrwik@drp.pl