Together on the way to development


Employees are the greatest capital of our company. We respect their dignity and recognize their merits. We provide equal opportunities for employment, development and promotion. We value the contribution of individual people to the company’s success, and the company’s success is the success of each of our employees.

If you value stable employment in a friendly working atmosphere and you devote yourself to new tasks with commitment, join our team!

New opportunities with a perspective for the future

Adopted years ago and consistently implemented development policy has shown that our hard work so far has been crowned with success.

It led us to the threshold of new perspectives and widely opened the doors of the next stage of development. As a result, an opportunity was created for other people who want to satisfy themselves and fulfill themselves in such a fascinating field as plastics.

We help you
spread your wings

We are proud that today we can offer cooperation to other ambitious groups of people who think with the prospect of improving their own workshop.

New technologies, modern machinery, work in the environment of the latest quality standards and cooperation with global brands creating an opportunity to constantly improve qualifications allow us to offer attractive working conditions to all interested parties.

For those with dreaming passions

Working in the environment of the dynamically developing plastics industry gives you almost unlimited possibilities. Thus, we face new challenges and opportunities every day. There is no place for boredom, routine or weariness in our work.