Regrinds and regranulates

Regrinds and regranulates

More for less

Our wide access to the waste produced on the market has allowed us to create a very rich commercial offer. Appropriate selection of packaging allows to meet the needs of both small and mass customers, ensuring smooth and constant – and most important – repeatable deliveries. By accepting this part of our product offer, you gain an optimized raw material tailored to your needs.


Styrene polymers
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
ABS Lustran H802 black varnish regranulate injection 20 958
ABS OMIREN A IM BK black regranulate injection 4 975
ABS Ciga Lega black regranulate injection 1692
PS gray/black regranulate injection 1528
PS Mini breads 64244GY MB10840 natural microgranules injection 260
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
PA 6 Nilamid 73440NG010 creme regrind injection 880
PA 6 Nilamid AG4FRC4 black regrind injection 3 200
PA 6 V0 black regrind injection 886
PA 6 V0 navy regrind injection 590
PA 6.6 Bestnyl SE50VI02AH black regrind injection 7 472
PA 6.6 Nilamid AG4FRC4 gray regrind injection 1 000
PA 6.6 Durethan AKV50 black regrind injection 3 129
PA 6.6+6I/X Grivory GV-5H GF50 black lacquered regrind injection 6 471
PA STANYL TW200 F6 natural regrind injection 5 458
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
PC DX15 black regrind injection 760
PC MFR 30 graphite regrind injection 6 578
PC OMILON MIM 2520 gray regrind injection 2 735
PC/F-VF black regranulate injection 2 815
PET colorless regrind injection 130
PET blue regrind injection 2 801
PET non-transparent mosaic regrind injection 380
PET transparent mosaic regrind injection 445
PBT GF 30% GF ALPHA black regrind injection 1 075
PBT GF30 black regrind injection 550
PBT GF black regrind injection 6 600
Polyvinyl chloride
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
PCV VCA 76/7E black regrind injection 5 853
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
PP GF30 S1 black regrind injection 3 446
PP GF40 black regrind injection 770
PP GF50 Tecnoprene AK10F MFR 5, %P 50 natural regrind injection 1 960
PP ISOGLAS CGF VUV H30 MFR 23-36, %P 31 black regrind injection 936
PP Thermofil APG30I GF30 black regrind injection 320
PP Borealis SA233CF natural regrind extrusion 2 141
PP GF40 MFR 7,7; %P 40 black regrind injection 230
PP OMILEN P FIM GF30 black regranules injection 11 450
PP Thermofil APG30I black regranules injection 250
PP Tipplen K880 black regranules extrusion 340
HDPE Atofina WR 201B regrind extrusion 4 793
HDPE black regrind 5 411
HDPE EM 233 MA (HDPE Kautex R7) black regranules extrusion 13 552
HDPE GF17 black regrind injection 2 218
HDPE mosaic regrind 885
HDPE OMILEN E NIM BK (HDPE Kautex R7) black regrind extrusion 1975
HDPE Tipelin black regrind 523
PP+EPDM blue regrind injection 1 588
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
SINET F1 Grigio (dedykowany do POM) gray dye injection 1 400
POM ISOFORM AK09 red regrind injection 700


Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
TPE Forprene A60 black regrind injection 288
TPE THERMOLAST® K TP8VCZ gray regrind injection 48
Hytrel red regrind injection 1 097
TPU Desmopan GF20 gray regrind injection 1 389
PIBIFLEX E4484G black regranulate injection 625
Polymer blends
Product Colour Character Processing method Quantity available (kg)
PBT/PC LUPOX TE 5000 HK AD2 black original injection 818
PBT+PET+GF50% LUPOX SG 5300 A-KX 002 black original injection 100
PET+PC Makroblend 7665 black regrind injection 9 571
ABS/PC Mablex dark gray regrind injection 4 101
ABS/PC Ciga Lega black regrind injection 2 680
ABS/PC black regrind injection 870
ABS+PMMA black/colorless regrind injection 14150
ABS/PC + ABS white/black regrind injection 817
ABS/PA Cilax black regrind injection 5 648
ABS/PC Mablex black regranules injection 1 048
ABS/PC Mablex black regranules injection 1 324
ABS/PC Mablex light gray regranules injection 3183
PA+ABS Cilac black regrind injection 1 170
PC+PMMA black regrind injection 80 343
PC+PMMA black + red regrind injection 23 965
PMMA+ABS BOXER mosaic regrind injection 1 530
PMMA+ABS BOXER black dual colorless regrind injection 3 143
PMMA+ABS red regrind injection 4 400


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