Outsourcing in recycling

Outsourcing in recycling,
i.e. waste management services

Save time, space and materials

In times of rising raw material prices, plastic post-production waste is increasingly being considered as alternative sources of material resources.


More and more plastics converters, which recognize  the potential of their waste, decide to reuse it for their own production processes. Moreover, the circular economy policy is becoming one of the main foundations of the corporate social responsibility policy.

ikona recykling

Not only the minimization of waste, but also the possibility of their reuse, is a common part of the development policy of an ever wider group of companies in the PTS sector.

In order to meet these needs, we have developed a comprehensive offer.



  • Any size of waste;
  • Degree of fragmentation adjusted to the quality requirements;
  • High production capacity.

Regranulation services:

  • Dosing systems that guarantee mixtures of identical composition;
  • The possibility of modifying materials according to individual customer needs;
  • Quality and parameters confirmed by the results of laboratory tests.

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